Friday, August 29, 2008

How you can take a good picture

How you can take a good picture? … Is it an easy question to answer? Some will say yes. If you follow the grammar, can utilize the technology of photography you can obtain a good picture. But does it all! If you possess a good camera and apparatus you may get partial success. But to create a photograph, that aesthetically more or less correct the equipments are not all. A photograph could be a dumb object without beauty, if the spark of creativity is not in the frame. The way a painter, a sculpturer, a singer, or any other performer try to create a new avenue to explore the thoughts, on the same way a photographer can discover a theme through his works and research.
Remember, once Camera Obscura was an appliance used by the painter to do quick rough copy of a model or subject. Later, many discoveries helped to develop the modern photography, including its technology. Now the digital era took photography to common men and photography at present a tool to create an art piece or a simple documentation to store some memory in album. Now only the skilled photographers have scope to prove the ultimate utilization of this technology. Camera is there---- Computer is there – digital know-how is there; only the photographer has to know how to exploit it and to create.

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